How We Can Help You

Assistance with Holistic Cancer Treatments

The Carla Rose Foundation, Inc. in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is dedicated to helping those fighting disease by raising money to help with Alternative Care treatment costs.

Supplemental Payments for Cancer Treatments

Working with corporations, community organizations and individuals, our agency is committed to raising funds to help take some of the financial burden of treatments off of those who are fighting disease.  Scheduling fundraising engagements and events throughout South Carolina and in New York, our ultimate goal is to have the ability to provide up to $5,000 per patient to the clinic of their choice.

Our Application Process

  • We will initially take calls/inquiries to the foundation website, either from a clinic or patient and directing the patient or potential patient to contact a clinic of their choice and have the clinic contact the foundation. (We can assist in finding a clinic for you.)
  • The patient is to inform the foundation of where he intends to be treated: in or out of the United States.
  • The location and validity of the clinic will be verified by the foundation.
  • The patient and/or clinic will be informed of the amount of donation/assistance available to them for treatment only, and the procedure by which this will be done.
  • Upon contact with the clinic, the clinic will provide the foundation with confirmation of patient information, confirmation of the date of the patients arrival and check in, and any account numbers needed to complete the transaction.
  • Confirmation of patient arrival and treatment to be performed will be required from the clinic to the foundation.
  • Once all information is confirmed and verified, there will be a mutually agreed upon date to transfer the donated funds to the clinic on patients behalf.
  • Any follow up information and contact will be optional by the clinic.


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